Training: responding with compassion

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Training: responding with compassion

  • Making a disclosure of violence is challenging;
  • Your response is critical;
  • You can support someone by referring them on to appropriate services;
  • This program supports individuals to form a framework to provide a compassionate and supportive response to survivors of trauma.

When someone discloses experiencing sexual or domestic violence, your response is critical to their recovery and decisions about what to do next.

“On average it takes victim-survivors 5-7 attempts to disclose their situation to anyone, and if the first instance isn’t positive it reduces the likelihood of them disclosing again.” [White Ribbon Australia]

Open the door to referral pathways and support services

Rape & Domestic Violence Services Australia’s Responding with Compassion course is designed to assist anyone who may receive disclosures of trauma. The program supports individuals to form a framework to provide a compassionate and supportive response to survivors of trauma.

Through this workshop, participants will:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of sexual and domestic violence in Australia (through statistics and key definitions);
  • Discuss the myths and realities of this violence and understand how these act as barriers for reporting;
  • Identify how perpetrators use power and control;
  • Understand the societal and individual impacts of sexual assault and domestic/family violence;
  • Learn how to support someone who has experienced violence;
  • Receive information about state-based support services and vicarious trauma.

The workshop includes complex case studies that focus participants on developing solutions based on the needs of the person experiencing violence.

Duration Appropriate for Maximum participants
This program can be delivered as a 1 hour presentation or 3 hour workshop Anyone in a position to receive disclosures 1 hour - unlimited, 3 hour - 20

Very valuable workshop and very informative. Great approach on sensitive topics.

This should be mandatory in all workplaces as part of their inductions.

- Participants
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Our training approach

At Rape & Domestic Violence Services Australia, we recognise that adults bring a wealth of knowledge and individual experiences to the learning environment. Every workshop utilises adult learning principles, as per the Principles for Best Practice for 21st Century Education (Nichols, 2002).

Rape & Domestic Violence Services Australia trainers are social workers, psychologists, and educators. They are experienced trainers in causes, consequences and primary prevention of sexual, domestic and family violence causes.

All facilitators are trained to safely and compassionately respond to disclosures and refer onward to state based services.

All training programs are audited regularly to ensure the information provided is evidence-based and current.

Programs can be tailored based on the needs of each organisation and can be delivered to clinical and non-clinical audiences.

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