Our best practice manual

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Our best practice manual

  • Rape and Domestic Violence Services Australia have a Best Practice Manual for specialised sexual, domestic and family violence counselling;
  • The Best Practice Manual underpins how our work is conducted and is reviewed every five years to maintain currency with evidence regarding best practice;
  • You can obtain a copy of the manual by calling our team on (02) 8585 0333.

Rape & Domestic Violence Services Australia's Best Practice Manual was developed following a robust literature review of evidence available about the best approaches to counselling for adults who have experienced sexual, domestic and family violence.

The manual is seated in a feminist framework which includes our position that these are gendered crimes. We believe that these crimes serve to sustain patriarchal constructs that disempower women and children and maintain male dominance in financial, social and political status.

The manual contains the following:

  • Information regarding the causes of consequences of sexual domestic and family violence;
  • Information regarding the development of feminist practice in the fight to eliminate gendered violence and to respond to those who have experienced these crimes;
  • Information regarding trauma theory and its development over time, including how it influences our work at Rape & Domestic Violence Services Australia;
  • A synthesis of the evidence regarding trauma-focused counselling and a detailed description of our phased approach to counselling with survivors of sexual, domestic and family violence;
  • Information regarding our approach to working with complex trauma across various modalities (telephone, online and face-to-face) and how these services are integrated;
  • Information regarding our team-based approach to telephone and online counselling, including differences in our approach to crisis intervention and those who contact us regularly;
  • Information regarding our approach to managing risk for our clients who are experiencing violence or who may be unsafe for other reasons related to their experiences of sexual, domestic and/or family violence (eg. suicidality, homelessness, or self- harm).

Order a copy of our best practice manual by calling (02) 8585 0333 or emailing info@rape-dvservices.org.au.