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Rape & Domestic Violence Services Australia views complaints as opportunities to improve our services.

Making a complaint will not affect anyone's access to our services.

There are several ways to let us know about any concerns in relation to a service we provide:

  1. If someone is talking with a counselling service and they are not satisfied, they can let the counsellor know.
  2. Ring the organisation's administration line during office hours on 02 8585 0333.
  3. Send an email to
  4. Write to:

Rape & Domestic Violence Services Australia
PO Box 555
Drummoyne NSW 2047

In options 1 or 2, the counsellor or administration staff member will collect your contact details and pass them on to the senior member of the organisation who is responsible for investigating complaints.

In option 1, the counsellor will not discuss the complaint other than to ensure the caller has the right to make a complaint and to collect contact details.

Counsellors will also continue to provide the counselling or other service being requested.

The senior person investigating the complaint will contact the caller for more information. Where that information has been provided in an email or by mail, she will confirm that the information has been received.

She will provide information about the complaints process and the expected timeframe.

She will also ask how feedback on the outcome of the investigation should be provided.