Self-Care Planning to Offset Vicarious Trauma

A workshop for supervisory and management staff who will be responsible for self care planning to offset vicarious trauma. Participants will learn how to recognise the symptoms of vicarious trauma within staff, discuss management and supervision of vicarious trauma, and how to effectively create and assess self-care plans for staff.


  • Vicarious trauma symptoms and how to recognise these within staff
  • Discussing management of vicarious trauma in supervision and beyond
  • Effective self-care planning
  • Assessing the effectiveness or self care plans

Learning Outcomes:


  • Identify specific symptoms of vicarious trauma within staff
  • Facilitate effective conversations around managing vicarious trauma
  • Develop effective self care plans for staff members
  • Assess self care plans effectively

Course Duration: Full day - 8 hours
Maximum Participants:    15
Prerequisities: Understanding and Responding to Vicarious Trauma
Supervising the Management of Vicarious Trauma

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