Responding with Compassion

Rape & Domestic Violence Services Australia’s Responding with Compassion course is designed to assist those who may receive disclosures of trauma to respond appropriately when someone says ‘I have been sexually assaulted’ or 'I am experiencing domestic violence'.

Learning Objectives

Completing the Responding with Compassion course will assist participants to understand: 

  • the societal and individual  impact of sexual assault and domestic/family violence, and 
  • how to support someone who has experienced sexual violence and/or domestic/family violence.   

Course Content

  • Myths and realities of sexual assault and domestic/family violence
  • Incidences of sexual assault and domestic/family violence in Australia
  • Impacts of sexual assault and domestic/family violence
  • Do’s and don’ts when responding to someone who has been sexually assaulted or is experienced domestic/family violence, and
  • Getting help

This workshop has been developed to help those who may receive disclosures form a framework to provide a compassionate and supportive response to survivors of trauma. The workshop is not designed to offer training in trauma specialist counselling.

If you have particular requirements at your workplace, the workshop may be tailored to meet organisations' individual needs. Participants can attend from one workplace or a number of services.

Course Details

 1 hour
 2 hours (10 min break)
 3 hours (15 min break)




I really appreciated how flexible the presenter was meeting the particular needs of our group.
Social Worker

The presenter was well organised and extremely competent and engaging. The information was relevant, and delivered in an appropriate style for our group. 
Community Health Worker

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