A Contextual Understanding & Response to Complex Trauma: Making the Invisible, Visible.


“Every time we ask a question, we’re generating a possible version of a life.”  

-          David Epston, Co-Director, Family Therapy Centre, Auckland

The “version of life” that this workshop explores is one of reclaiming dignity through empowerment and reconnection.


In the process of empowerment and reconnection, practitioners align with clients to help make visible what is invisible. With visibility comes awareness and with awareness comes the possibility of change.


By examining individual, relational and cultural contexts, we bring forth a version of life that helps “make sense” of the experiences that we refer to as Complex Trauma.


Practical frameworks and approaches will be discussed with the aim of equipping practitioners with the skills to understand and respond to complex manifestations of experiences of trauma; including negative perceptions of self, depression, shame, self-harm, and somatic issues.

Learning outcomes:

·         What is Complex Trauma?

·         Exploration of what makes Complex Trauma complex:

o   Disrupted attachment

o   Experience of violence and abuse

o   Dynamics of sexual abuse

o   Neurobiology of traumatic experience

o   Shame

o   Intersectionality

·         Contextual framework

·         Perspectives from Narrative Therapy

·         Somatic manifestations of Complex Trauma

·         Impacts of abuse as “responses and resistance”

·         Brief overview of the Power Threat Meaning Framework (Johnstone & Boyle)

Course Details

Course Duration: 2 days
Maximum Participants:  20



I found this training to be very informative and engaging. It will be helpful for me in my work. 
Sexual Assault Worker

The training provided an in-depth understanding of the factors involved in trauma. 
Community Services Worker

The presenter was excellent, and the model is easy to understand – it will be very helpful in my work.
Community Services Worker

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