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Rape & Domestic Violence Services Australia values their staff

At Rape & Domestic Violence Services Australia (R&DVSA) staff are the organisation’s greatest asset. This may sounds like a cliché but it is clear, staff are the key to providing the highest quality professional services to clients.  

It is therefore critical that the organisations supports and resources R&DVSA staff and encourages professional development and personal growth. This is turn enables staff to work in partnership with clients to facilitate healing and recovery.


R&DVSA offers its staff members:


Training and Development

R&DVSA works from a best practice framework. This means that training and professional development is highly valued. Team meetings regularly include in-service training that builds on existing team knowledge. The organisation works to ensure each staff member reaches and expands their potential, and achieves their personal learning goals. This is done collaboratively through the performance review process were the skills and aspirations of each staff member is identified and a personalised professional development plan for the coming year is created. As R&DVSA staff are the organisation’s backbone and future. It is therefore essential that the organisation works with each staff member to foster their knowledge, skills development, career aspirations and progression.


Work life Balance

R&DVSA understands the importance of a personal life outside of work and has introduced a range of work life balance initiatives. Part-time work, and flexible working hours are offered. Time in lieu is available to staff who do not work to a roster. As a 24/7 service the roster offers a variety of shifts. Shift allocation is always a negotiated process that aims to meet both the staff members and the organisations needs. Staff will never be required to work a double shift as sufficient rest periods between shifts is vital. It is important to find the right balance between work and personal life and R&DVSA will work with staff members to achieve this.



R&DVSA acknowledges that Vicarious Trauma is a Work Health and Safety hazard which results from interaction with trauma content. In response, R&DVSA has developed a NSW Workcover award winning multi-pronged approach to managing this hazard.  One part of this approach is an individualised vicarious trauma management plan that is developed with each staff member. The plan will include practices that the evidence, both research based and drawing on each staff members personal experience, indicates that the planned activities may reduce the severity and frequency of the detrimental impacts of vicarious trauma for that staff member. To implement this plan staff are offered a financial subsidy to undertake the activities which may include gym memberships, massage, hobbies and additional financial assistance to access an external counselling professional. All R&DVSA staff also have access to 24/7 support from a counselling professional, whether they are at work or not.  It is the position of R&DVSA that staff wellbeing is a shared responsibility.


Positive working environment

R&DVSA works hard to create a positive working environment. This includes providing a range of snacks and beverages for staff enjoyment. There is also a staff social club which  organises social events.  R&DVSA encourages collaboration between staff and organisational leaders and has processes for feedback and regular performance reviews. The organisation understands that each staff member holds knowledge and expertise in relation to their role and that their input into how things can improve considerably adds to the organisation’s continuous quality improvement processes.  R&DVSA believes that team work is the only way to achieve the organisations goals.


Remuneration and Benefits

R&DVSA recognises the importance of attracting and retaining highly skilled and capable staff. With this in mind the organisation endeavours to offer salary and employment benefits that are competitive. R&DVSA provides penalty rates for shift work and the option of participating in the organisation’s Salary Sacrifice Scheme. Benefits such as paid parental leave and study leave are also available. R&DVSA understand that to attract the best staff being competitive in the employment market is a prerequisite.

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