Preventing Violence


Research tells us that sexual, domestic and family violence results from complex individual, community and societal systems and structures. Preventing these forms of violence requires coordinated, comprehensive, long term and ongoing initiatives and activities.

Preventing Sexual and Domestic Violence

Preventing Sexual & Domestic Violence

Preventing sexual assault, domestic and family violence means: stopping the violence from ever happening, intervening early to stop offending behaviours from becoming established, and responding effectively after violence occurs, to minimise the impacts of the violence on those affected, and to prevent offenders from re-offending. 

Preventing Sexual Harassment

Preventing Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is a significant issue in Australia, where just over one in five people have been sexually harassed since the age of 15, in most cases, by a co-worker.

Ending and preventing sexual harassment means community, businesses, unions and bystanders need to be able to identify where the line is when it comes to sexual harassment, and know what to do when someone is crossing it.

About the National Plan

About the National Plan

The Time for Action report of the Australian Government's National Council to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children outlines a 12 year strategy to reduce the level of violence experienced by women and children in Australia. 

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About the National Framework

The National Framework to Prevent Violence against Women and their Children brings together the international research, and nationwide experience, on what works to prevent violence. 
It establishes a shared understanding of the evidence and principles of effective prevention, and presents a way forward for a coordinated national approach.



Working to prevent sexual, domestic and family violence requires social change on number of levels. Education can support the changes in attitudes and beliefs that are needed in order for such violence to be thought about differently, and ultimately stopped. 

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