The Full Stop Foundation is about stopping sexual assault and domestic violence – Full Stop.

The Full Stop Foundation is different because we don’t just talk about the issues - we are on the front lines every day, working to provide real support in rebuilding people’s lives and stop the violence from happening.

Every day we see the pain and suffering which is caused by domestic violence and sexual assault and every day The Full Stop Foundation works to end sexual assault and domestic violence in 2 ways:

1.    We work with experts to develop and implement programs that actually prevent violence:

  • Supporting and empowering Aboriginal Women in communities with shockingly high rates of sexual assault.
  • Trialling innovative men’s behaviour change counselling for men.
  • Undertaking important research to advance the understanding of the impacts of sexual assault on survivors and how these impacts can be effectively treated.
  • Developing a range of educational resources and training for university staff and students to help tackle the serious issue of sexual assault at Australian universities.
  • Consulting with workplaces to assist in their policy development and training, ensuring employees are well trained and supported in responding to gendered violence.           

2.    The Full Stop Foundation resources the front line trauma counselling services provided by Rape and Domestic Violence Services Australia to meet the growing demand from those who have experienced sexual assault and domestic violence.

What have we done so far?

  • In 2016 we helped 22,000 men, women and children with specialist trauma counselling.
  • 160 women from remote and urban Aboriginal communities are empowered by the Hey Sis program to become agents of social change.
  • Over 600 people have attended our workplace and university training programs addressing gender-based violence.
  • Our award winning research is impacting the way we respond to those calling us for help.
  • Our men’s behaviour change program is under contact with a large private employer of young men. We hope other companies may decide to engage and become part of the solution.
  • Our Make it Stop Campaign has reached over 100,000 Australians.
  • Our programs are working to drive real change and create a society where sexual violence is no longer tolerated.

We will put an end to sexual assault and domestic violence – Full Stop.

Your support can help us make that happen.

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