Rape & Domestic Violence Services Australia considers sexual assault, family and domestic violence counselling to be specialist work. Counsellors at the service must have a Social Work or Psychology degree or equivalent, at least three years counselling experience, and have a detailed knowledge of the causes and consequences of sexual assault, family and/or domestic violence. All counsellors work from a feminist perspective and analysis.

Counsellors attend a detailed intake program over the first two weeks of their employment and are expected to participate in a number of specific training programs in the first year of their employment. Counsellors participate in regular one to one supervision and group supervision. Discussion on counselling issues and in-service training is provided at monthly team meetings.

Other positions in management, administration, supervision, project and research work are advertised from time to time. All positions require the applicant to hold relevant qualifications and experience. Knowledge of the causes and consequences of sexual assault, family and/or domestic violence and working from a feminist perspective and analysis are prerequisites for all positions.

The Service holds an exemption under the
Anti-Discrimination Act and only employs female counsellors.


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