Our Vision, Mission and Goals

Our Vision

Full Stop to sexual assault, domestic and family violence.

Our Mission

Rape & Domestic Violence Services Australia will provide:

  • Specialist trauma counselling services  for those who have been subjected to sexual, domestic or family violence and their supporters, and behaviour change counselling services for those who  use violence,
  • Clinical consultation, debriefing, supervision and vicarious trauma management for service providers, and
  • Individual and systems advocacy, education, training, research, information provision, and any other actions that may lead to better outcomes for the organisation’s clients, their supporters both personal and professional, and any others whose lives have been impacted by sexual assault, domestic or family violence.

In achieving this mission, the organisation will work in primary, secondary and tertiary prevention, and with stakeholders, to promote and foster positive attitudinal and behavioural change toward the elimination of such violence in the Australian community.


Our Goals

  1. To provide specialised trauma recovery services.
  2. To promote Rape & Domestic Violence Services Australia to the general community.
  3. To collaborate with services who represent those vulnerable to sexual assault, domestic or family violence to improve service access.
  4. To reduce the impact of sexual, domestic and family violence on all women.
  5. To operate in an evidence-based, best practice, quality assurance and quality improvement framework.
  6. To focus on prevention;
  • Primary prevention – a whole of community approach which aims to stop the violence before its starts,
  • Secondary prevention - resource and support those who have experienced such violence to establish safety and recover, and for those who use violence to change their behaviour, and
  • Tertiary prevention – to increase access to, and improve justice outcomes, when sexual assault, domestic and family violence occurs.  

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