Rights and Responsibilities

Client Rights

Rape & Domestic Violence Services Australia recognises the personal worth and individuality of clients and supports each person's right to access a non-judgemental, respectful, consultative and transparent service.

Clients have the right to be:

  • treated with dignity, compassion and respect;
  • offered a non-judgemental service;
  • informed of the services available;
  • provided with best practice interventions;
  • consulted in the development of a case management plan; and to have culture, class, age, ability and sexual preference respected; and confidentiality and privacy, within the confines and limitations of the agency, honoured.

Rape & Domestic Violence Services Australia supports and encourages any client’s right to provide feedback to the service including to complain when they feel that the service provided has not been appropriate.

Client Responsibilities

When accessing Rape & Domestic Violence Services Australia telephone and online counselling services, the organisation requests that clients:

  • access the service for interventions relating to sexual assault, family and/or domestic violence;
  • do not threaten, or be aggressive or abusive to staff;
  • be truthful and forthcoming with personal details when consulted in the development phase of a case management plan;
  • work toward the achievement of negotiated case management goals;
  • abide by the boundaries set in the case management plan; and
  • provide non-identifying statistical data to the organisation for accountability purposes.


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