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Rape & Domestic Violence Services Australia is currently involved in the following research initiatives. 


Counselling Service Modalities and the Needs of Australians affected by Sexual, Domestic and Family Violence

Sexual Assault, Domestic and Family Violence are widespread, pervasive social problems that affect a large number of Australians. Indeed, it is estimated that almost one in five women experience sexual violence and one in three women experience domestic and/or family violence in their lifetime (ABS, 2012).  There are a number of counselling services in Australia that support people to overcome the adverse effects of trauma resulting from SA/DFV at all stages of trauma recovery. These services are delivered across multiple platforms or modalities, including telephone, online, face to face, group and voice over internet protocol (VoIP). Despite the availability of these counselling service modalities within community practice, there is a paucity of research evidence regarding their application and effectiveness.

In 2015, Rape and Domestic Violence Services Australia was contracted by the Australian Government Department of Social Services to start addressing the gaps in knowledge about the effectiveness and meaningful evaluation of counselling service modalities in the field of SA/DFV. A research project was therefore undertaken, to explore the strengths and limitations of several counselling service modalities in meeting the needs of Australians affected by SA/DFV and examine how the effectiveness of such modalities may be meaningfully evaluated. The results of this project may be used to inform a holistic theory of therapeutic service effectiveness and evaluation across counselling service modalities, for the psychological care of people affected by SA/DFV, within the context of a stage-based approach to trauma recovery. A link to the results of this research project will be available shortly.

We would like to thank the Australian Government Department of Social Services for funding this research.


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