Dunny Door Campaign

The ‘Dunny Door Campaign’ aims to place a 1800RESPECT sticker on the back of every public toilet door in Australia.  

Two of the many trauma impacts of sexual assault, family or domestic violence are shame and fear. Those who have or are experiencing this violence can feel that if they are observed accessing relevant information others will ‘know’. Many hold great fear of reprisal if the offender finds out.  

A sticker on the back of a public toilet door can be reviewed in private. Consideration can then be given to accessing support services when it is safe.  

1800RESPECT is the Australia wide 24/7 Sexual Assault, Family and Domestic Violence Telephone and Online Counselling Service. The service aims to ensure that no matter where a person is in Australia, if they are at risk of, or have experienced, sexual assault, family or domestic violence they will have 24/7 telephone or online access to a qualified, experienced trauma counsellor. 

 In Australia 1 in 5 women will experience sexual assault or domestic violence at some stage in their lifetime (ABS: Personal Safety Survey 2006) 

1800RESPECT, which is provided by Rape & Domestic Violence Services Australia, will in this financial year provide assistance on over 50,000 occasions.  The service is funded by the Australian Government as part of its commitment to the ‘National Plan to Reduce Violence Against Women and their Children’. 

We encourage you to support the one in five Australian women who will experience sexual assault or domestic violence by participating in the campaign. 


Order 1800RESPECT stickers for your Dunny Doors

Please order 1800RESPECT stickers by completing and returning a copy of the 1800RESPECT Dunny Door Sticker Order Form.

The stickers will then be forwarded to you for distribution throughout your restroom facilities.  

Dunny Door Sticker Distribution

Since the campaign was launched in April 2012, over 120,000 1800RESPECT stickers have been distributed nationally to be affixed to the back of 'dunny' doors. 

Local councils, public transport authorities, universities and tertiary education facilities, service stations and backpackers accommodations, and any other organisations in Australia that make toilets available to the public, are being invited to support the campaign, by ordering stickers and placing these in their restroom facilities. 

We've had a fantastic response to the campaign already:

  • "What a brilliant idea! No better way for someone to subtly get information!" - Community Health Service, South Australia
  • "Good idea - Great Job!" - Hostel, Western Australia
  • "What a fantastic venture - I'm happy to help out and willing to flood the dunny doors all over" - Government Agency, Tasmania


Get Help 24/7

Find out abut sexual assault and domestic violence

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