How can you help?

There are many ways that you can help us to work towards a future where sexual assault and domestic violence no longer exist. How?

Don't accept the myths

Misunderstandings and perceptions about sexual assault seek to hold the victim responsible for the violence or give the offender excuses for their behaviour.


  • “Look what she was wearing – she was asking for it”
    Fact: Research shows that sexual assault is not caused by the look or behaviour of the victim(a).

  • “Did she fight back or scream out?”
    Fact: Whether someone fought back or screamed in response to a sexual or violent attack has no bearing on the criminality of the rape or violence. People react to sexual or domestic violence differently. It is the law that consent must be freely given for every occasion of intimacy.

  • "Did she report it straight away?"
    Fact: Not reporting rape or violence right away doesn’t make it any less criminal. Reporting is difficult for many reasons, including the victim’s relationship to the offender. In 70% of sexual assaults the offender is a family member, friend, work or school colleague. Of the remaining 30% the offender is usually someone the victim meets socially or dates. Most sexual assaults occur in the victim or perpetrators home, car or workplace. Sexual assault by a stranger accounts for less than 1% of sexual violence(b).


  • “They are husband and wife”
    “It was just a misunderstanding”
    “The offender just got carried away and didn’t mean it”
    “Everyone knows what she is like”

    Fact: Being married does not equal permanent consent, consent last night does not mean consent tonight and consent to one does not mean consent to others. Absence of ‘no’ is not consent. When negotiating a sexual encounter both parties have a responsibility to ensure the other is consenting. If a person is affected by alcohol or other drugs to the point that they do not know what they are doing, it is a crime to have opportunistic sex with them (c). If consent is withdrawn that must be respected. 
  • “One mistake and you want to ruin their life [by reporting it]?”
    Fact: Sexual and domestic violence is criminal. Research shows that most offenders plan their attacks (a), and will re-offend – sexual assault and domestic violence are not 'mistakes' they are crimes.

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