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Achieving our vision of a world in which sexual and domestic violence no longer exist, means working towards a society which rejects the myths that perpetuate sexual assault and domestic violence.

The myths of sexual assault and domestic violence blame the victims, and excuse the offenders, and widespread belief in these myths enables us as a society to tolerate or ignore the violence. 

Sexual assault and domestic violence cannot be prevented, if they are ignored or tolerated. We need to bust the myths!

Challenging the myths, and changing the national conversation around sexual assault and domestic violence requires support from people in every community, workplace and family. 

We will be holding 'myth-busting' workshops, to empower those who share our vision to bust the myths in their communities. 

To register your interest in attending a workshop, and helping us change the conversation in your area, please complete the online form below. 

You can find out more about the myths of sexual assault and domestic violence on our Factsheets page. 

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