Rape & Domestic Violence Services Australia uses feedback from clients, professional and other services to improve the services offered.

You can provide us with feedback by:

  • Writing to us
  • Speaking with us
  • Completing an online feedback survey

Writing to us

Please address your feedback to:

Rape & Domestic Violence Services Australia

PO Box 555

Drummoyne NSW 2047

Speaking with us

You can provide feedback regarding Rape & Domestic Violence Services Australia, or any of the services we provide, over the phone when speaking with our counselling staff or by calling the organisation's administration line during office hours on 03 8585 0333. 

Making a Complaint

As we view a complaint as an opportunity to improve our service, making a complaint will not impact your access to services.

There are several ways you can let us know about your concerns in relation to any service we provide:

  1. If you are talking with a counselling service, let the counsellor know that you want to make a complaint.
  2. Ring the organisation's administration line during office hours on 02 8585 0333.
  3. Send an email to
  4. Write to:

Rape & Domestic Violence Services Australia

PO Box 555

Drummoyne NSW 2047


If you choose option 1 or 2, the person you speak to will collect your contact details and pass them on to the senior member of the organisation who is responsible for investigating complaints.

If you choose to speak to a counsellor (option 1), she will not discuss your complaint with you other than to ensure that you have the right to make a complaint and collect your contact details. She will also continue to provide any other service you are requesting at that time.

The senior person investigating your complaint will contact you. She will ask you to provide information about your complaint. Where you have provided that information in an email or by mail, she will confirm that the information has been received.

She will let you know how the complaint will be investigated and the expected timeframe.

She will also ask if you would like feedback on the outcome of the investigation and how you would like that to be provided.

Feedback Survey

Your time in completing any of the feedback surveys below is very much appreciated.

Before completing the survey you should know that:

  • Completing the survey is completely voluntary; 
  • You can choose to not to answer any question; 
  • Your answers are completely confidential; and 
  • You will remain anonymous.


Client Feedback Survey

Rape & Domestic Violence Services Australia uses client feedback to improve the services offered.

Your time in completing the client feedback survey is very much appreciated.

It's important that you know:
• Doing the survey is completely voluntary;
• You can choose not to answer any question;
• Your answers are completely confidential; and
• You will remain anonymous.

1. How old are you?
2. What is your gender?
3. What is your cultural background?
4. What is your postcode?
5. Have you contacted us by (please tick all that apply)
6. Did you contact us for support for yourself, or because you were supporting someone else?
7. Which of our services have you accessed? (please tick all that apply)
8. Did you have trouble getting in contact with us?
9. How long ago were you, or the person you are supporting, last assaulted?

10. How long did it take you to build the courage to contact us?

11. How did you find out about us?
12. Have you contacted a crisis counselling service before?

13. Are you currently engaged with any other services at present? (please tick all that apply)
14. How many times have you contacted our service?

15. How long have you been in contact with us?

16. How helpful did you find the service?

17. How understanding did you find the counsellor?

18. What did you find most helpful about your contact with the service?
19. What did you find least helpful about your contact with the service?
What did you do after you contacted us? (Please tick all that apply)
What do you think would have happened if you had not contacted our service? (Please tick all that apply)
Other, please describe:

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