Our Values and Principles

Rape & Domestic Violence Services Australia is:

  • Feminist, holistic and empowering in its approach;
  • Innovative, professional and political in action; and
  • Transparent, accountable and accessible in service provision.

The organisation is committed to upholding the rights of all women to live in a socially just and equitable society, the right of all children to be protected from violence, and the right of all people to live their lives free of violence.

Counsellors will work in partnership with clients to expand their choices, facilitate healing and encourage personal growth.

Our Approach:

Our Action:

Our Service Provision:

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Rape & Domestic Violence Services Australia  I  ABN 58 023 656 939

PO Box 555 Drummoyne NSW 2047 | Tel 02 8585 0333 Fax 02 9555 5911

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